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Commercial Security

Serving businesses, municipalities, and non-profits across Greater Binghamton, NY and Northeast PA with innovative, reliable CCTV camera security and alarm systems.

Business CCTV Video & IP Surveillance

Every business has unique security needs. Our customizable digital CCTV security camera systems not only protect your premises but also enhance management efficiency and employee productivity. Our systems are designed to improve customer service, reduce theft, and shield against vandalism and liability — all while optimizing your bottom line.

Our surveillance solutions deliver high-definition video clarity and are equipped with user-friendly remote viewing capabilities, allowing you to keep an eye on your business anytime, anywhere, from any PC or mobile device, including iOS and Android platforms.

Every system we install is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your operation, ensuring optimal coverage and maximum functionality.

Access Control & Intercom Systems

Enhance the security and efficiency of your business with our advanced access control and intercom solutions. We offer a range of options designed to fit the unique needs of any commercial property. From key codes and keycards to cutting-edge biometric systems including fingerprint and retina scanners, our solutions make managing access simple and secure.

Our systems provide the capability to monitor and record entry and exit times, helping you keep track of employee movements and secure your premises against unauthorized access. Remote management features allow you to adjust settings or respond to emergencies from anywhere, giving you control when you need it most.

Our comprehensive intercom systems further bolster your security by allowing you to verify and communicate with visitors before granting access. Ideal for securing buildings, campuses, and parking areas, these systems ensure that your environment is safe for both employees and customers. They also support internal communication, making it easy to send announcements or alerts across your facilities.

Burglar & Fire Alarms

Burglar Alarm Systems
We create individually tailored solutions designed and installed to provide security for your business or commercial property in Binghamton, NY and its surrounding areas. Between our 24/7 real-time monitoring and our state-of-the-art security equipment you can rest assured that your business is protected and secure when you are away. Remote alarm management capabilities provide users with real-time monitoring and control from anywhere in the world.

Fire Alarm Systems
Our extensive line of custom fire alarm systems provide real-time fire alarm monitoring and fire protection. Offering the latest in commercial & business technology, you can be reassured that any event will be responded to in a timely fashion, offering business and commercial property owners the best chance at saving assets and saving lives.