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Why Upgrade?

Many properties are already protected by security monitoring systems and fire alarm system solutions, and most of the solutions currently in use are analog-based security systems. If your property is already protected, you may be wondering why you need to make an upgrade to an IP-based security system…

End of Analog Life

As 4K resolution security camera systems and NVRS with improved backup solutions are becoming more affordable, analog is reaching the end of its life. In addition, the RAID backup design of analog systems requires additional maintenance time and costs that are not present with IP-based solutions.​

With features like universal plug-and-play IP cameras and NVR technology, the installation of IP-based systems is faster and easier than ever.

Cost Effectiveness

There are true cost benefits associated with the use of IP cameras and NVRs. These solutions may have a higher up-front cost than a DVR, but they offer improved storage and data management solutions that can be used to save money with regular usage. These can even be used for more comprehensive data management solutions for many different business models.

Network-IP cameras can be installed all at once with a major security upgrade, or you can choose a slow migration to this technology by incorporating them into your analog-based burglary protection solutions.

There are inherent downsides associated with using DVRs and analog cameras. IP-based solutions are faster, more reliable, and generally more durable than older systems that you may currently be using.

New innovations are available regularly that you may want to continue to take advantage of and an IP-based system enables you to more easily take advantage of the most advanced solutions available. Storage options for digital video are also more cost-effective than for analog-based images.

Through an initial consultation with our knowledgeable technicians, you can learn more about the specific benefits that you can enjoy when you make the upgrade to an IP-based solution.

You can benefit from improved system manageability with an IP-based solution because you can access and view the files over the Internet, you can access them at any time and from any location around the world as long as you have an Internet connection.

4K resolution image quality is superior to the video quality in most analog systems. With better resolution, you are able to improve security on your property while keeping your peace of mind.

There are industry-based compliance regulations that many businesses must meet regarding video retention and video surveillance. The HD video and IP-based solutions are designed to help you comply with regulations in your industry with greater ease and simplicity.